Central Standard is a budding digital product studio based in Missouri, U.S.A. and lead by Jeremy Boles.

We design and engineer apps, services, websites, and experiences. Companies both large and small rely on our unparelled blend of software engineering know-how and obsessive attention to detail to bring their products to life.

As a small team, we value quality over quantity and choose to focus on only a few key projects per year. Hire us to build your next product! If you have an exisiting product we’d love to help make it better. We strive for honesty, transparency, and open communication with our clients and partners.

Most Recent Work

We are currently helping Area 1 Security rebuild their customer portal:

Area 1's core product has been moving fast and their aging customer portal was having trouble keeping up. We've been helping them modernize their codebase and create a React-based design system so new UI can be created quickly for their ever-evolving product.

Selected Clients

Work With Us

We would love to work with you on your next product or project! Send as many details as you can to hello@centralstandard.com.